The Latin American Culture

feature-3Latin American culture is a category that extends over an extensive variety of topics that together embed the personality and character of the civilization(s) it speaks to, exhibiting the declaration of what is important to them and the creativity that can be created through different media. It is also the formal or the informal articulation of the people of Latin America, and includes both high culture, literature, popular music culture and high art, folk dance and art and also religion and other standard practices. Read More→

The Rich History of Latin America

feature-2Latin America is mostly composed of Mexico (North America) and major countries of South America includes Brazil, Argentina, Chile and some more latino countries. Latin America is the home of first American civilization such as the Mayans and Aztec Civilization. Read More→

Is there such thing as (Latin) American Dream?

feature-1The Great American Dream has been a cliche most of the days, all about the great dream of reaching the United States. But… there is indeed an aim to reach the Latin America (Brazil, Argentina) and other South American areas. Let’s take a look on what’s with those dreaming of “the Latin American Dream…” Read More→